Thanks for trusting Junior Golf Hub with this next step in your golf career – pursuing college golf! We’re diving into NCAA women’s golf rankings, other college playing opportunities and how to find the best college for you.

Finding the right women’s golf program may feel daunting, but we’re here every step of the way and are going to help you organize your list of top schools based on your priorities, scholarship opportunities and more.

Playing golf at the college level is exhilarating and will present you with amazing opportunities to learn, travel and meet lifelong friends. Your days may be filled with early morning workouts, classes and golf practice; perhaps you get a team dinner afterwards and then join a study group with your friends. There are no restrictions on how you want your college experience to look.

Imagine working hard alongside your team to bring home a national title. Those weekends spent qualifying for tournaments and then traveling for them will become some of your best memories on the road to your championship year.

Just because you’ve decided to pursue college golf doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your education or social life. College is a wonderful experience where everything important to you combines and produces an unforgettable chapter in your life. At Junior Golf Hub, we’re so glad that you want golf to be part of that experience.

Which Women’s Golf Program is Right for Me?

The women’s college golf recruiting process begins with your vision of where you see yourself thriving for four to five years. With approximately 1,000 women’s golf programs, you have the opportunity to build your future just as you envision it, even as a freshman in high school.

Before you sign your National Letter of Intent (NLI), it’s important to answer a few key questions, many of which we’ve listed out in our College Golf Recruiting Guide. Considerations like location, school size, academic interests and career goals are all crucial to figuring out which college is best for you.

Women’s College Golf Rankings

One piece of advice we tell all golfers is that NCAA women’s golf rankings, and really all golf rankings, aren’t everything. Just because a school is ranked in the top 10 doesn’t mean that school is right for you; conversely, a school with a lower ranking shouldn’t be discounted because it may have an excellent program for your major.

Women’s college golf rankings, however, do serve as a good indicator as to how competitive a school is, both in a recruitment and scholarship context. The more highly ranked the women’s college team is, the more women who typically want to play there. Top-ranked colleges usually have more funding for scholarships as well, though those may be equally difficult to earn.

Women’s Golf Scholarships

Finding colleges with women’s golf scholarships is high on many players’ lists. We detail the girls’ golf scholarship opportunities at each level in our Golf Scholarships Guide, though we’ll pepper in some fun facts here as well.

Women’s golf scholarships can be found at every level of college golf except Division 3. There are other ways to supplement, or “stack,” scholarships, including academic scholarships, grants and financial aid, especially at D3 colleges. Each school has certain regulations on the number of scholarships you can use to cover tuition costs.

The NCAA has also named golf an equivalency sport, which means each team has a capped number of scholarships and coaches then divide that scholarship money amongst their roster; full-ride scholarships are possible but extremely rare with this method.

Every College with a Women’s Golf Program

With 996 colleges with women’s golf teams among five divisions, there are plenty of opportunities to play at the next level. We go through the top-ranked schools in each division, and we also have lists of schools in every division so you can find the best colleges for women’s golf without having to focus on rankings.

Women’s NCAA Division 1 Golf Programs

NCAA Division 1 women’s golf schools offer a large range of options in regards to academics and school size. As to be expected with the level of competitiveness to be recruited to a D1 women’s golf school, the level of play is high.

The current top 10 Women’s NCAA golf rankings for Division 1 teams are the following:

  1. Stanford University
  2. University of Oregon
  3. Wake Forest University
  4. University of South Carolina
  5. San Jose State University
  6. Oklahoma State
  7. University of Virginia
  8. Arizona State
  9. University of Florida
  10. University of Michigan

Women’s NCAA Division 2 Golf Programs

NCAA Division 2 women’s golf schools are not much different than Division 1 schools, though there is a higher probability of earning more scholarship money at this level. Playing-wise, the scoring average is also slightly higher.

The current top 10 Women’s NCAA golf rankings for Division 2 teams are the following:

  1. Lynn University
  2. Dallas Baptist University
  3. Nova Southeastern University
  4. Limestone University
  5. Anderson University (SC)
  6. Barry University
  7. Rollins
  8. Cal State San Marcos
  9. University of Findlay
  10. University of Indianapolis

Women’s NCAA Division 3 Golf Programs

NCAA Division 3 women’s golf schools offer plenty of playing opportunities, especially at colleges with excellent academic programs. While golf scholarships are not available at this level, you may be able to cover more of your tuition costs at this level with academic scholarships and grants than you would with a golf scholarship at a D1 or D2 school.

The current top 10 Women’s NCAA golf rankings for Division 3 teams are the following:

  1. Carnegie Mellon
  2. Emory University
  3. University of Redlands
  4. Methodist University
  5. George Fox University
  6. Williams College
  7. Centre College
  8. Amherst College
  9. Pomona-Pitzer
  10. Washington & Lee University

Women’s NAIA Golf Programs

Women’s NAIA golf schools are usually smaller schools, but don’t let the fewer number of programs deceive you – there are plenty of women’s golf scholarships available at this level. Plus, the scoring average equates to that at the NCAA Division 2 level.

Women’s NAIA golf teams are also a great place for high school seniors to play if they had decided to join the recruiting process later than their peers. Since most golf scholarships are awarded to recruits by junior year, these schools give seniors a chance to still play at the next level with a scholarship.

The current top 10 Women’s NAIA golf team rankings are the following:

  1. Oklahoma City University
  2. Keiser University
  3. British Columbia
  4. Dalton State
  5. SCAD – Savannah
  6. Southeastern University
  7. Loyola – New Orleans
  8. Embry Riddle – AZ
  9. William Carey University
  10. Texas Wesleyan University

Women’s NJCAA Golf Programs

Women’s NJCAA golf schools include community and junior colleges and provide the opportunity to train at a collegiate level with a higher chance of earning a golf scholarship before transferring to a larger, more competitive school. Because these teams are also smaller, you have a higher chance of competing and traveling more with your team.

The current top 10 Women’s NJCAA golf team rankings are the following:

  1. Seminole State – FL
  2. Daytona State College
  3. Dodge City Community College
  4. Western Texas Community College
  5. Iowa Western Community College
  6. Mesa Community College
  7. Eastern Florida State
  8. McLennan Community College
  9. Redlands Community College
  10. Tyler Junior College

No matter where you see yourself at college, there is likely a fitting women’s golf program there for you. Explore all the options and begin your list of dream schools. The Junior Golf Hub app can help connect you with those colleges’ coaches when you’re ready.

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