A Broader Overview of Tournament Schedule Changes and When Things will Get Back on Track

We are now several weeks into this worldwide shutdown from the pandemic. It seems hardly any areas of life have been spared from these events and athletics is no exception. As more and more information is revealed to us concerning the competitive landscape, the Junior Golf Hub is keeping a sharp eye out for all the changes in Tour events and adding them into the Tournament Finder– your essential tool for checking tournament schedules and registering for your competitions.

This is a brief overview of some of the bigger changes in schedules. Essentially, you can expect almost half of the tours to commence events by May 2nd, while nearly all will have commenced by June 1st.

Here we at the hub would like to take an opportunity to share some of the largest updates from the Junior Golf landscape:

  • The American Junior Golf Association has postponed all events until May 22nd. No information is available at this time on the new dates for said events
  • The Hurricane Junior Golf Tour has postponed all events until May 2nd.
  • The Florida Junior Tour has cancelled all events until May 23rd.
  • The Golfweek Junior Tour has postponed or cancelled all events until May 2nd.
  • North Texas PGA has postponed until May 2nd, and the South Texas PGA has postponed until May 16th.
  • Southern California PGA has postponed until May 2nd, Junior Tour of Northern California until May 16th, and Junior Golf Association of Northern California until June 6th.
  • Middle America Junior Golf Tour has postponed until May 9th.
  • Southern Junior Golf Tour has postponed until May 9th.

For all the most up to date and comprehensive information for tournament schedules and registration information, please refer to your Tournament Finder tool.

To find it, go to the Tournaments drop down menu on your homepage and select “Tournament Finder”, and you’ll be able to search for all events occurring in your region

We understand that many are anxious to register for tournaments as the weather gets warmer and the trees get greener, but we recommend patience as the global events unfold. Optimistically junior golfers will be back on the course and striving to win by mid-May or June, and we at the Junior Golf Hub will be posting your scores and guiding your development to golfing success.

Stay safe and play hard!

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