Prior 2019 Hub Cup Standings Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Must be a Hub member. No non members are eligible.
  2. Age should be greater than 13.
  3. Grad year >= present year.
  4. Must have 5 Verified 18-hole rounds in profile.
  5. Profile strength average or above.
  6. Need to opt himself/herself to be searchable in Settings (U13 by default or not searchable)

Current 2020 Hub Cup Standings Eligibility Criteria:

Here is the latest eligibility criteria to enter into the Hub Cup Standings race:

  1. Players must be between the ages of 14 and 18.
  2. Players must compete in a minimum of 5 verified 18-hole rounds.
  3. Players must compete in 1 verified, 2-round, 36-hole event.
  4. Grad year >= present year.
  5. Need to opt himself/herself to be searchable in Settings.

NEW! To be eligible for a scholarship award as part of the Hub Cup, which will be awarded in 2021, athletes should:

  1. Manually submit an essay about a special golf related story or why golf is special to them. Email for more information. 
  2. Must also complete a Junior Golf Hub PDI Self-Assessment in that calendar year. 

Best wishes as we approach the end of this year!

Enjoy your journey!

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