Desperate times call for desperate measures. We have all heard this saying before and it seems like it fits well with the state of the world surrounding the pandemic coronavirus. As Seneca the Stoic philosopher said, “Difficulties strengthen the mind, as labor does the body.”

While the world seems to be spinning, take this time away from school and competition to reflect, to make great strides on weaknesses, and to prepare yourself for the re-opening of the world. It’s easy to be bummed out that your games have been canceled or your school is closed, but this can be the perfect time for you to get better, to learn more, and to be the player you have always dreamed of being! Whether you are an athlete or businessperson, the greats have the strongest minds! The greats are willing to prepare beyond the norm which is the difference between winning and getting second place. Muhammad Ali said, “I hated every minute of training, but I said, don’t quit, suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.”

So, we don’t have to like what is happening but you must accept it for what it is, an impediment that must be overcome. Embrace the moment! Take this time to work on your mental game, to meditate, to learn how to control your breathing during stressful situations and to visualize the courses you plan to play in future events. If you are unable to get out to a gym, work out at home and do basic things like pushups, sit-ups, running-in-place, burpees, lunges, planks, etc. Now is a good time to check out Tyler Campbell’s Home Workout for Golf Athletes from The Golf Performance Center.

Take the time to work on good body movements in your swing, and to visualize the shots you want to hit, what they feel like, how they will sound, and how to make them so real that once you get back out to the course you have felt like you’ve hit them before. If you feel like you have been doing a good job of keeping up with your golf preparedness, now may also be a good time to reflect on diet. Is it holding you back from being the champion you would like to be? The best athletes realize how important diet is to their success, not just for their physical development, but just as important for and if not more, their mental clarity.

During these trying times, make the most of it. Be socially responsible and try to avoid spreading any germs to the best of your abilities. Reflect on how you can be your best self on and off the course. This is also a good time to discover your leadership skills by being disciplined, creating goals, and executing on your goals, even one as simple as waking up early, making your bed, getting breakfast or helping your siblings and family.

Good luck in your preparedness, be accountable to yourself and remember, “The will to win is important, the will to prepare is vital!”

Enjoy Your “Safe” Journey!