Attending college golf camps is a great way to raise awareness for your game during the recruiting process. Unlike a normal summer camp, college golf recruiting camps are a fun way to spend time with different college coaches and show off not only your skills, but also your character and personality.

Junior Golf Hub explores the ins and outs of golf camps so you know what to expect and how to make the most of this experience. Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

What Are College Golf Camps?

College golf camps are typically a week-long opportunity where you stay on a college campus and practice and play in front of a group of college coaches. Many coaches will combine their camps, giving you an opportunity to spend a week with 3-5 different schools.

During these college golf camps for high schoolers, you’ll get to know college coaches and other junior golfers while learning about the college golf lifestyle. Most camps usually include some sort of seminar about standardized testing, NCAA eligibility, coach communication and other recruiting tips.

While the college golf camp gives you an opportunity to show off your game, it also gives coaches the opportunity to get to know you on a more personal level. They’ll see your work ethic, personality and skills every day. They essentially get a much more in-depth look at you as a recruit than they would just following you for 18 holes during a tournament.

When Should I Attend a College Golf Camp?

The best time to attend a college golf camp is the summer before your sophomore or junior years. This usually falls right during peak tournament season, but taking a week off competing is well worth it for a college golf camp at one of your top picks.

What Are the Best College Golf Camps?

Listing the best college golf camps is subjective. The best camp for you is hosted by colleges you’re interested in attending or learning more about. The itinerary allows you to show off your game, your character, your academics and even your physical fitness. 

Some college coaches may work on your golf swing while you’re there if you’re interested; however, if you have a dedicated swing coach, sometimes it’s best to not change your swing. Having an open discussion with the college coaches about your golf swing preferences shows maturity and discipline.

At the end of the camp experience, you usually have a better idea of what kind of coaching style you’re looking for in your college career, you get to meet amazing friends on a similar journey and you may just find your home for the next four years.

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