In 2018 The NCAA Council adopted new recruiting legislation aiming to promote a “more thoughtful” college decision for prospective student-athletes aspiring to play Division I sports. Per the new legislation, there will be no in-person recruiting conversations between an athlete and a coach prior to September 1st of the athlete’s junior year for Division I, but prospective student athletes can conduct official visits starting September 1stof junior year (much earlier than before). However, there are some exceptions to these rules.

Effective immediately:

Unofficial visits have become strictly “academic” in nature and no member of a Division I institution’s athletic department, including coaches, can play a role in a prospective student-athlete’s unofficial visit prior to September 1st of junior year (no meet and greet).

Division I coaches can attend or host golf camps, but they will not be able to have an individual recruiting conversation with an athlete during those camps.


The “Bump Rule”

Don’t be afraid to say hello and have a friendly conversation with a coach if you happen to “bump” into him or her on campus, at a camp or at a tournament. Ultimately, it is the coach’s responsibility to understand and establish the boundaries of the conversation, especially if you are a freshman or sophomore in high school.

Phone Call

Oddly enough, a prospect and a coach can have a recruiting conversation prior to September 1st of an athlete’s junior year is via a phone call initiated by the athlete (find coach phone numbers in our college database!).

Effective August 1, 2018:

Division I official visits can be made starting September 1st of a prospective student athlete’s junior year.

So, what do these changes mean for you?

The new Division I legislation has effectively shut off a method of communication between athletes and coaches prior to September 1st of junior year.

It is now more important than ever to use The Hub Profile to start and maintain connections with programs of interest so that coaches can know who you are and continue to follow your progress prior to junior year.

How to connect with college coaches using The Hub:

Share your profile with a coach

  • Junior Golf Hub allows you to share your profile with a college coach using your personal e-mail. Click on the ‘Share Profile’ button on the ‘View Profile’ page and copy and paste the link provided into your e-mail and cover note to college coaches. In your cover note to the coach make sure to ask the coach to ‘Follow’ you on Junior Golf Hub so they can keep track of your progress.

Follow college programs

  • Following a college program accomplishes two key purposes. First, it allows you to keep track of the program, compare it to other programs, and take notes on your My Colleges page. Secondly, it allows coaches to see you are Following them and that you are interested in their program.
  • To Follow a college program simply search for programs in our comprehensive college database and then click on the ‘Follow’ star to the left of the program’s name. Remember that college coaches can see their Followers (provided your profile is Average level or above) and you can see who is Following you!

Organize your college search

  • Following college programs automatically adds them to the ‘My Colleges’ page of the site. We think of this as your command center for college golf with all the programs you are interested in located in one convenient place. Tag, sort and take notes on programs to stay on top of your golf program search. This page also lists all the colleges that are Following you on the site.

See who is viewing or Following you

  • When a college coach views your profile or Follows you on The Hub you will be sent both an in app notification and an e-mail notification. The golf program will also appear on your My Colleges page. If a coach follows you and you are interested in their program, we recommend you follow them back and then follow up with a ‘Thank You’ e-mail letting the coach know about you, your status, and your intent to keep your Junior Hub Profile up to date.

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