How does it feel when someone leaves you on “read” or “seen”? Not good, right? We often hear junior golfers and parents wishing that college coaches would be more responsive to messages being sent their way. Believe it or not, college coaches feel the same way about junior golfers! 

Junior golfers – ALWAYS respond to a college coach even if you’re not overly interested in developing a relationship or attending their program. They’ve taken the time to craft a message and introduce themselves to you. Do the right thing and reply, no matter what. Make an effort to communicate professionally through your high school years with peers, mentors, teachers, and coaches. It’s a life skill that will reap benefits for many years to come!

P.S. When the day comes and you finally commit to your dream school and golf program, be sure to respectfully inform the other coaches and programs you had been communicating with or had shown interest along the way. It’s the right thing to do.

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