The NCAA D-I Council has extended the dead period yet again, this time until April 15, 2021. For a refresh on what a dead period is, click here.

What’s next?

There is no doubt about it, COVID-19 continues to impact everything in 2020. But, you already knew that. So now it’s time to put on our big kid shoes and deal with it. Here’s some food for thought for all you junior golfers and parents out there. Let’s turn the negative into a positive! Those words might not be the best to use right now so maybe we’ll try a different perspective.

Negative: It’s impossible for me to go to the program I want to.

Positive: I have a lot of options.

Keep an open mind. There are over 2,200 unique college golf programs for men and women across D-I, D-II, D-III, NAIA and Junior College associations. That’s a big landscape. It’s time to widen your focus and begin examining programs that may not have been on your initial favorites list.

Think about a gap year. Some are saying – and we agree – that it’s going to be just as difficult or competitive next year and the year after that, but maybe you should give yourself some more time to develop into a player your target schools definitely can’t pass up.

Negative: This isn’t fair to me.

Positive: College coaches are having a tough time dealing with this too.

College coaches have encountered unique problems of their own too. Now, their current players have the option to return for a fifth year of eligibility, their Fall season may have been cancelled, and their scholarships and program budget may have been reduced leaving them uncertain of the future. Further, they can’t hit the road and show up to the first tee to watch their favorite prospects compete. Landing a recruit in the COVID-19 era feels a lot like blind dating, only coaches favor low scores over good looks. Joking aside, coaches are definitely going digital – following tournament results and schedules, and connecting with prospects over FaceTime and Zoom. To be better prepared for interacting with coaches, and to keep coaches updated on your progress, it is important to update your Hub profile regularly, and stay active on the Hub!

Bottom Line: Stay positive, keep competing, and remain proactive.

Yes, NCAA, if everyone can’t do something, it’s fair. Yes, junior golfers, this continues to be a very different year for you. Focus on what you can control! Do you have the team and equipment you need to get the job done? If you’d like more information and help navigating the months ahead, reach out to us here at JGH. It’s what we do!

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