This coaching series is different. Unlike your typical teaching series that focuses solely on swing technique and physical development, we dive deep into how the 5 Elements work together, holistically, and guide you to reaching your goals on and off the course. You’ll not only become a better athlete, but we’ll help you develop the fundamental principles that will enhance all areas of your life

Past Episodes:

Episode 44.

In Episode #44, viewers will learn the relationship between golf skills and swing mechanics with special guest, Stephanie Malloy, GPC Coach.


Episode 43.

In Episode #43, the team discusses stats. Are they as important as we think they are? Learn how tracking your Player Development Index will help you realize that stats do NOT tell the full story.

Episode 42.

In Episode #42,  the team is joined by Gabe Carr-Harris, GPC’s Director of Clubs and they’re talking about the equipment HOT list! Roger and team will be running down the hottest equipment on the market and what juniors need to know about it!

Episode 41.

In Episode #41, Director of Performance, Tyler Campbell and Director of Coaching, Dennis Hillman host the show, with special guests: Charlie Wampfler: Director of Ethan Allen Prep, Koto Freeman and Tyler Vitolo: Ethan Allen Prep Sophomores. This week, the 5 Elements Team traveled to Orlando, Florida as part of the GPC/EAP Winter Trip. The team explores “How to Take Your Best Game Anywhere: Skills Transference, Road Training and Stress Management.” Learn how the athletes are adjusting athletically and academically and how you can best adapt to new environments.

Episode 40.

In Episode #40,  the team is joined by Dr. Josh Brant, GPC’s Clinical Psychologist, and Rick Dowling, Director of Customer Success at Junior Golf Hub. The reality is that college bound junior golfers are under incredible pressure to succeed. Especially in the shadow of Covid-19, isolation, fear and a changing junior golf landscape are impacting them emotionally, socially and academically. Tune in to learn tools that both parents and athletes can use to cope at this difficult time. The focus will be on mindfulness, communication and setting realistic expectations.

Episode 39.

In Episode #39, guests Rick Dowling and Ted Swartwood from Junior Golf Hub, join the team to debunk common myths about college golf scholarships. Plus, parents and athletes will also get insight into lessons learned from a former college athlete and a parent who recently went through the scholarship process. Don’t miss this episode – there are opportunities out there and we can point you to them! Plus learn the 2020 Winners of the Hub Cup Scholarships and how you can be eligible to win in 2021!

Episode 38.

In Episode #38, Rick Dowling, Director of Customer Success joins the team to give viewers the inside scoop on the road to college golf. They discuss: goal setting, new Junior Golf Hub features, the PDI Self Assessment and more!

Episode 37.

In Episode #37, Roger and the team discuss the link between club face and ball control.

Episode 36.

In Episode #36, Roger and the team discuss club path and what lead factors are.

Episode 35.

In Episode #35, Roger and the team discuss how to develop speed, where it comes from and how to overcome obstacles to developing speed.

Episode 34.

In Episode #34, Roger and the team discuss what your strategy should be when it comes to competitive play this off season.

Episode 33.

In Episode #33, Roger is joined by GPC’s equipment experts, Nick and Gabe, to discuss what you should be doing in regards to your equipment this off season.

Episode 32.

In Episode #32, Coach Kyle Panek, joins the team to discuss off season nutrition! Viewers will learn the four areas that Coach Kyle urges athletes to focus on this winter through nutrition: Fuel, Build, Boost and Protect. This episode is packed with practical advice, explanations of the science behind it and even some of Coach Kyle’s favorite recipes!

Episode 31.

In Episode #31, the team is joined by Dr. Josh Brant to discuss the importance of off season goal setting and the fundamentals of the mental game in junior golf.

Episode 30.

In Episode #30, the team continues their discussion about off season training with a focus on rotation. Viewers will learn how much rotation is too much and what’s enough.

Episode 29.

In Episode #29, Roger and the team discuss the importance of creating a plan for off season training, both physically and mentally.

Episode 28.

In Episode #28, the team discusses the National Letter of Intent. Viewers will learn what the NLI is and who it is for, what they need to do to reach this milestone in their college golf journey and why the college golf checklist is so important to keep them on track. 

Episode 27.

In Episode #27, Roger and the team are joined by Brent Paladino, Senior Director, Championship Administration, USGA. Brent set twelve individual Division I school records at College of William and Mary and is the only player in Connecticut history to win the Amateur, Professional and Junior Player of the Year Awards. Brent sits down with the team and shares his inspiring story of hard work, focus and perseverance during his years as a competitive junior golfer.

Episode 26.

In Episode #26, special guests Ron Burgundy, Brian Fantana, Champ Kind and Brick Tamland, discuss club path and club face control for more accuracy and distance with your irons. Stay Classy Golfers and Happy Halloween!

Episode 25.

In Episode #25, Roger and the team discuss the importance of good static and dynamic posture and the effects on path and clubface.

Episode 24.

In Episode #24, the team is joined by Dr. Scott Lynn, Research Director at Swing Catalyst to explore ground forces and continue last week’s discussion about how to understand WHY you do what you do in your golf swing.

Episode 23.

In Episode #23, Roger and the team introduce GPC’s Primary Fundamentals and take a look at how an athlete’s connection to the ground greatly impacts their technique.

Episode 22.

In Episode #22, the team is joined by Dr. Kate Campbell, GPC’s Physical Therapis to discuss the most effective ways for junior golfers to prep for the off season, mentally and physically.

Episode 21.

In Episode #21, Roger and the team are joined by Patrick Plank, AJGA Regional Director to discuss the state of junior golf tournaments almost 6 months after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and what lies ahead for junior golf.

Episode 20.

In Episode #20, the team will uncover the top 5 ways to prepare for your fall tournaments. Find out what you need in your bag, how to physically and mentally prepare and more!

Episode 19.

In Episode #19, you’ll learn the connection between physical and mental health, the importance of executive functioning and time management skills for student athletes.

Episode 18.

In Episode #18 Roger and the team discuss their top new equipment picks for fall!

Episode 17.

In Episode #17, the team offers advice to help you perform under pressure LIVE from Crystal Springs Resort!

Episode 16.

In Episode #16 the team discuss what it takes to make more putts when it really counts, during tournament play!

Episode 15.

In Episode #15, Roger Knick and Dennis Hillman discuss new NCAA guidelines and how the college golf recruiting landscape has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Episode 14.

In Episode #14 the team discuss how to create a winning tournament schedule as you travel the road to college golf.

Episode 13.

In Episode #13 Tyler Campbell takes over as our host and is joined by Dennis Hillman and Dr. Josh Brant to discuss visualization, mental preparation and pre-, mid- and post-round self regulation.

Episode 12.

In Episode #12 Roger and the team are doing a midseason equipment check in and discussing tournament preparation.

Episode 11.

In Episode #11 Roger and the team talk about tournament preparation!

Episode 10.

In Episode #10 Roger and the team talks about the importance of nutrition and full swing fundamentals for junior golfers!

Episode 9.

In Episode #9 Roger and the team talk about PLANNING and how it’s key to becoming a better ball striker!

Episode 8.

In Episode #8 Roger and the team talks about becoming a better putter!

Episode 7.

In Episode #7 Roger and the team talk 

Episode 6.

In Episode #6 Roger and the team talks about EQUIPMENT and how it’s connected to your confidence as an athlete.

Episode 5.

In Episode #5 Roger and the team talk about the Mental Game of Golf.

Episode 4.

In Episode #4 Roger and the team delve into the element: COACHING Part II.

Episode 3.

In Episode #3 Roger and the team delve into the element: COACHING.

Episode 2.

In Episode #2 Roger and Tyler delve into the first element: DESIRE.

Episode 1.

Episode #1 kicks off with Roger Knick, Founder of the Golf Performance Center, Junior Golf Hub, and Ethan Allen Prep, and Tyler Campbell, GPC’s Director of Performance. Get a window into the world at GPC as Roger and Tyler provide the keys to The 5 Elements of Success.

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