New Episodes Released Every Week LIVE on YouTube!

New Episodes Released Every Week LIVE on YouTube!  

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Episode #26: Club Path and Club Face Control

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Thursday, October 29, 2020 | 5:00 pm EST








Do You Have What it Takes to Play College Golf?

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In Episode 25, Roger Knick and the team discuss the importance of good static and dynamic posture and the effects on path and clubface.

Join us for Episode #26 of The Golf Performance Center’s 5 Elements of Success Series on Thursday, October 29 at 5pm EST, LIVE from The Golf Performance Center, the Northeast’s premier golf academy.

Episode #26 is hosted by Roger Knick, Founder of the Golf Performance Center, Junior Golf Hub, and Ethan Allen Prep.

In this episode he’ll be joined by:

  • Tyler Campbell, GPC’s Director of Performance
  • Dennis Hillman, GPC’s Director of Coaching
  • Gabe Carr–Harris, GPC Coach and GPC Custom Clubs Fitter

Viewers will learn all about club path and club face control for more accuracy and distance with your irons.

This coaching series is different. Unlike your typical teaching series that focuses solely on swing technique and physical development, we dive deep into how the 5 Elements work together, holistically, and guide you to reaching your goals on and off the course. You’ll not only become a better athlete, but we’ll help you develop the fundamental principles that will enhance all areas of your life:

  1. Desire:  Discover how your desire to improve and learn directly impacts your development.
  2. Coaching: Assess whether you have the best coaches and how coachable you are.
  3. Physical Performance and Nutrition: As we say, “Function dictates Form”
  4. Mental Approach: Do you have a growth mindset and the grit to persevere?
  5. Equipment: Learn if you have the right tools to get the job done.
These may seem like simple principles, but the simple is hard, and it starts with YOU!!
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