Golf is not the cheapest sport, and playing on multiple golf tours can have an impact on your wallet. Junior Golf Hub is detailing here the cost of an AJGA membership among others so you can have a better idea of what to expect as you embark on your college golf recruiting process.

In fact, the AJGA has decreased their membership cost by 10% to ensure the sport remains inclusive and everyone has an opportunity to compete.

This is a fantastic initiative because the math adds up to more than the AJGA membership cost and the entry fees: travel, lodging, food and more factors must be considered when budgeting your tournament season.

Junior Golf Tour Membership Cost Basics

While there are the expected costs, like registration fees, tournament entry fees and more, there are some other factors to consider when planning:

  1. How many events do you plan to play in?
  2. How far away are those events?

Because the answers to these two questions are different for each golfer, it’s difficult to estimate one cost for all. If you play in five tournaments and have to fly to each one, you’ll have a completely different budget than someone who plays in one or two tournaments and can drive there.

Understanding AJGA Membership Costs

While some factors are difficult to calculate, there are some tried and true numbers that you can expect at an AJGA tournament.

  • AJGA membership cost: several packages available
  • Tournament entry fees: $210 – $375 (depending on event type)
  • AJGA Qualifier entry fees: $105 for members and non-members

Estimating Travel Costs

Junior Golf Hub estimates $1,000 – $1,500 in travel costs per AJGA golf tournament, or really any junior golf tournament. This range factors in transportation, hotel and meals. 

However, please note this is an average that largely depends on mode of transportation and distance; you can adjust this average as needed.

Use Junior Golf Hub’s AJGA Cost Estimator

Because increasing your AJGA rankings, and therefore playing in junior golf tournaments, can play an integral role in playing golf in college, Junior Golf Hub has developed an AJGA cost calculator tool.

This tool quickly generates an annual AJGA budget based on event types and travel costs.

How Much Will I Spend Playing in AJGA Tournaments Annually?

If you want to manually calculate your annual budget or ballpark it, Junior Golf Hub estimates junior golfers and their families will pay anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000 per year to play on the AJGA Tour or any other similar junior tour; this range assumes you are playing between 0 to 2 events per year based on AJGA PBE status.

For those with Fully Exempt Status or who have plenty of Performance Stars, you may be traveling more and playing in more expensive events. You may play in the max number of Open events (5) and a few Invitationals, driving up your annual costs to anywhere from $5,000 to even $10,000 if you’re flying everywhere.

What If I Can’t Afford the AJGA Junior Golf Costs?

Playing in junior golf tournaments can get pricey quickly, which is why Junior Golf Hub has a scholarship program and the AJGA has the ACE Grant in place to provide financial aid to junior golfers. Over the years, ACE Grant has given $3.6 million to eligible participants.

A bonus to being an AJGA member is the discounts that you can use toward golf equipment. For example, you can get 40% off TaylorMade equipment and 30 days free on the Junior Golf Hub app.

Do I Need to Play on the AJGA to be Recruited for College?

While it is possible to secure a college roster spot by competing in solely regional events (and playing well), playing in AJGA events has its advantages:

  • You’re competing on the biggest stage in junior golf
  • You’re testing your skills against competition on a national and international scale
  • You’re playing where college golf coaches are actively recruiting

It’s up to you if the AJGA is the right path for you. However, Junior Golf Hub will say that if you have the talent, financial means and will to navigate their system, you should seriously consider giving the AJGA a try.

If you don’t feel like you’re ready for this level of competition or are starting too late – late junior year or senior year of high school – reassess your goals and how you can post some scores that college coaches can take note of. 

Remember, playing on the AJGA Tour, just like the college recruiting process, is a multi-year journey that takes lots of preparation. Starting early can give you the momentum you need to accumulate Performance Stars and understand the Performance Based Entry system.