AJGA golf tournaments follow their Performance Based Entry (PBE) process where Performance Stars are the prized currency. The AJGA Tour is known for hosting elite junior golf tournaments and understanding this process will help you navigate the college golf recruiting process.

Junior Golf Hub understands how daunting this process can be but can also confirm that it is possible to figure out (and even enjoy!). Understanding Performance Based Entry has never been easier.

What is Performance Based Entry (PBE)?

Performance Based Entry is how you earn your way into AJGA tournaments. Your PBE status will determine what your junior golf tournament season looks like on this elite junior tour. You may only have enough Performance Stars to play in a certain type of event, or you may play in Qualifiers strategically to earn more – your schedule is up to you

AJGA Performance Stars are the answer to this process, and Junior Golf Hub has all the tips on increasing your count and making the most of your current PBE status.

How Do I Earn AJGA Performance Stars?

Though we dive deeper into this concept in our AJGA Performance Stars guide, here are the four basic ways to earn AJGA stars.

1. Sign up for the AJGA Tour

Simply registering for an AJGA membership guarantees you at least one Performance Star; they call this a Membership Star and you will be able to use it throughout the year and expires at the end of the season.

How many Membership Stars you earn depends on your class year:

2. Earn Performance Stars Through Solid Play in Qualifiers

Playing well in Qualifiers – typically finishing in the top 50% or better – can also help you amass Performance Stars. Both AJGA Open events and Junior All-Star events have Qualifiers.

3. Play Well in AJGA Junior Golf Tournaments

The quickest way to earn a substantial amount of Performance Stars is to play well in an AJGA tournament. Finishing in the top half of the field tends to earn you at least one Performance Star, and winning the entire event could lead to a “Fully Exempt” status.

Fully Exempt status on the AJGA Tour means you have earned first priority into their events for the season you earn the status as well as the following season. Similar to the process on the PGA and LPGA Tours, the Fully Exempt status is the holy grail of junior golf and opens the door to several more tournaments to increase your AJGA rankings.

As we explain in our Performance Stars guide, different events offer different Performance Star earning opportunities.

4. Play Well in Select Non-AJGA Tournaments

Last but not least, you can earn Performance Stars before you sign up for a membership by playing in eligible junior golf tournaments outside the AJGA circuit. Checking out the AJGA PBE Map section on their site will help you create that winning tournament schedule.

Whether you’re looking to amass Performance Stars ahead of a season or simply want to supplement what you’re already earning, these junior golf tournaments offer plenty of opportunities.

The number of Performance Stars you can earn from non-AJGA events differs by the type of event and the tour; this is why the AJGA PBE Map will help you strategically play where you have the best chance of earning the most Performance Stars.

Why Does the AJGA Tour Use Performance Based Entry?

While the Performance Based Entry system seems like a lot at first glance, the Junior Golf Hub can see how this helps junior golfers later in life if they choose to play collegiately and/or professionally. 

We understand playing for Performance Stars can be stressful, which is why we readily share our top 5 golf mental game tips for juniors; however, this is how competitive golf works at the collegiate and professional levels, so it makes sense to start them young.

Aside from learning to budget the cost of an AJGA tournament schedule, parents and golfers alike learn about PBE status and how that affects your season. College players qualify for tournaments and professional golfers also play in qualifiers and earn status through playing well in professional events in order to play more on their tours.

The AJGA using Performance Based Entry is one of the reasons why they’re an elite tour – they’re truly preparing you for a lifetime of competitive golf.

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