The Player Development Index (PDI)

Determine Your Player Development Index to Reach Your Goals

The Player Development Index Athlete Scores
“The Junior Golf Hub’s Player Development Index is the most accurate performance measure in the industry.”
- Notah Begay III

The PDI is designed for ALL golfers, regardless of age or ability.

The Player Development Index (PDI) is an objective measurement of an athlete’s golf skills and physical performance. In partnership with The Golf Performance Center, the leading golf academy in the Northeast, Junior Golf Hub has developed a baseline to help golfers identify where they are in their golf journey whether the goal is to play golf in college or to simply improve and grow their game.

College Bound Players

If your goal is to play college golf, it’s time for the PDI. College Coaches look to the PDI as a way to differentiate quality prospective student athletes by using tools other than the flawed ranking system or verified tournament scoring average. The data, information and trends identified and obtained from one of our PDI Assessments can be the difference between a college coach inviting you to be a part of their program or not.

Recreational Players Looking to Develop Their Games

For players of all ages who seek to develop their game, our PDI assessments help you identify weaknesses and strengths so you can work on a plan independently or with your coach/instructor. It’s never too late!

The Three Steps of the PDI:

The 3 PDI Assessments

Take the Self Assessment

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PDI Assessments In Action!

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