Junior Golf Hub is pleased to announce an exciting and helpful new feature!

Our Tournament Results module will automatically load tournament results from large national junior golf tours and select Hub partners to your Hub Profile. The new feature will help our members reduce the time they spend manually loading tournament results while providing college coaches the validated tournament information they want.


Here is a screenshot of what our new and improved Hub Profile will look like with verified tournament results:


To help you understand this initiative better we compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions:


What are JGH Tournament Results?

Junior Golf Hub has embarked on a major initiative to auto-upload tournament results from national junior golf tours to Hub Profiles. This will make the process of uploading golf tournaments to JGH Profiles faster and easier while giving college coaches the validated and verified information they want. ‘Win-win’ for athletes, parents, and coaches!


When will results be available and for what tournaments?

Tournament results will be loaded into Hub Profiles in two waves:

  • Wave 1 (March 30th, 2018): AJGA tournaments from September 1, 2016, to the present
  • Wave 2 (Spring 2018 – final date TBD): Other national tours and select JGH partners including
    • FCWT, Hurricane Tour, IJGT, IMG, Golfweek Junior Tour, Canadian Junior Golf Association, North Texas PGA, New England PGA, Western New York PGA, Southern California PGA, select independent national junior golf events and more


How do I get tournaments to upload to my Profile?

To have tournaments uploaded to your Profile, please make sure the following fields are complete in your Profile.

  1. Last Name
  2. Hometown (the current city/town you are living in)
  3. State/Province (only required for junior golfers from the U.S. and Canada)
  4. Country (current country that you are living in)
  5. Graduating (your High School Graduation year)

Once JGH has this information, we will check to see if we have your tournament results, and if we do, your tournaments will be loaded to your Profile for you.

To find these fields, navigate to Edit My Profile and go to the Athlete Information section.

Note that starting March 30th, 2018 you will also have the option of providing this information at sign-up upon which we will automatically check for and load your tournament results!


What should I do with duplicate tournaments in my Profile?

Please delete any duplicate non-verified tournament results as soon as possible.

To delete a tournament, simply

  1. Log into your Hub Profile
  2. Click on My Profile then Edit My Profile
  3. Click on the Golf Tournaments / Highlights section of your Profile
  4. Scroll down to “Stroke Play Tournament Results”
  5. Find the duplicate tournament you previously manually entered
  6. Delete this event using the red and white ‘Delete’ button
  7. When the message ‘Are you sure you want to delete? appears, click ‘OK’


When are tournaments regularly uploaded to my Profile?

We upload tournament results on a rolling basis once we have scoring information from the tour. In general, please expect tournament results to be loaded one to three days after the last round of the tournament played.


How will I know when a tournament result has been added to my Profile?

We will send you both an in-app and e-mail notification when a new tournament result has been added to your Profile.


What should I do when a new tournament has been added to my Profile?

We recommend you check the Golf Tournaments / Highlights section of your Profile to see the tournament we uploaded and verify that the information is correct. Please note these tournaments will display with a green checkmark in the “Verified” column of the tournament section of your Hub Profile.


Can I edit tournaments uploaded to my Profile?

We do not allow verified tournaments to be edited by junior golfers, except for the “Comments” field. To add comments to a tournament, simply click anywhere on the verified tournament, and enter any notes you may have on that tournament in the “Comments” box, then click the green “Update Tournament” button.


Who can I contact with any questions?

Send an email to tournaments@juniorgolfhub.com, or send a message via our Chatbot at the bottom right of your screen, or give us a call at 1-888-209-7410 (Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM ET)

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