Announcing Enhanced Coach Notifications! 

We are very excited to unveil a new feature for college golf coaches on The Hub! Our new Coach Notifications Module sends automatic weekly update reports and changes made to ‘Followed’ athletes’ Profiles directly to college coaches. 

Why are Coach Notifications a big deal?

The newly enhanced Coach Notifications Module helps college golf coaches get the latest information on prospects so they can stay current on latest trends and progress. Coaches can see new swing videos, new tournaments, academic updates including the latest SAT scores, upcoming tournaments and more. The Coach Notifications Module also allows coaches to ‘Follow’ athletes early in their golfing journey and watch as they progress over time.

For junior players and parents this feature means its now more important than ever to keep your Junior Golf Hub Profile up to date.  Hub members should make sure their Profile is current across all key areas including upcoming tournaments, past tournament results, key finishes, swing videos and more.  Remember that college golf coaches are getting weekly summary reports telling them what changes you’ve made to your Profile in a given week.  Now is the right time to log back into the Hub, complete your Profile, and keep coaches up to date on your progress!

Next Steps:

If you’re a college coach not yet signed up for Junior Golf Hub, sign-up for FREE below! And if you are an aspiring junior golfer and you aren’t on The Hub yet, click the link below to get started!


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