The game of golf has seen tremendous growth over the past few years within the U.S. alone. With an increase in off-course golf venues, many more are turning to the sport due to it’s growing accessibility. Peaked interest in the sport has earned the attention of more and more young people.

With more juniors being introduced to golf, U.S. golf organizations have grown exponentially with tours expanding internationally. U.S. Kids Golf, despite it’s namesake, is determined to become the leading organization for kids golf throughout the world. U.S. Kids Golf hosts more than 1,600 worldwide events each year. Some of their international championship events include: the Venice Open (Italy), the South American Championship (Brazil), and the Caribbean Championship in Punta Cana (Dominican Republic). The growth of international events provides young golfers a chance to compete against their counterparts worldwide, thus opening up the sport to more and more juniors each year.

This past month, U.S. Kid’s Golf held their second annual Antalya Turkish Open. This event hosted over a hundred players across 20+ different countries. It is quite an exciting thing to witness players come together from countries including: Great Britain, Germany, United States, Russia, Austria, and more.

Another rapidly growing junior tour, the Future Champions Golf Tour, is determined to help all junior golfers develop their game to play at the Collegiate Level in the U.S. Their tournament platform offers events across the globe. With dozens of annual tournaments and growing, the FCG hosts 3 of the largest annual events in junior golf: the FCG Callaway World Championship, FCG International Junior Golf Championship, and the FCG National Championship. Their World Series Events are open first come first serve to all junior golfers from around the world. All players must qualify or apply to play. In the past, these events have hosted players from over 25 countries and over 40 U.S. States.

Future Champions Golf Callaway World Championship

The 16th Annual FCG Callaway World Championship takes place this year in July. What started as an event to create more opportunities for juniors to compete in a World Championship style event, has grown rapidly to become one of the biggest and most exciting tournaments in the world of junior golf. There are several opportunities worldwide to earn your spot to compete with other players from around the world. 2024 Qualifying will run from August 1, 2023 to May 30, 2024. For more information on qualifying, visit

Other recognized U.S. junior tours have expanded rapidly around the world. The Hurricane Junior Golf Tour is yet another environment dedicated to junior golf development. To enhance the experiences of junior golfers around the world, the HJGT has grown outside the USA, with 47 tournaments this year in China alone. Over the next few years the HJGT team is focused on bringing more events to additional countries. The HJGT has also partnered with the Canadian Junior Golf Association to bring juniors the 2024 North America Cup. In a Ryder Cup format, the 2024 North America Cup pits a team of U.S. players against a team of Canadian players. Each year, the competition alternates in each others country. For more information on the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour, visit

To find more junior tournaments in your area, check out our Tournament Finder. Now with over 3,500 junior golf events, you are sure to find just the event you are looking for! Use the search variables to narrow down your choices. To find HJGT or FCG events, simply toggle the ‘Select a Tour’ option and find the specific tour your are interested in.

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