When you look at the state of today’s game on the PGA Tour, you still see golfers of all shapes and sizes having success. So, what do they really have in common? Perhaps it’s the ability to go through the decision-making process and then get out of their own way.

In the photo above Tiger Woods, Brooks Koepka, and Francesco Molinari wait to hit on the 17th tee box in the first round of the PGA Championship at Bethpage Black on Thursday. As they wait their turn, they are processing lots of information to come to a decision about what shot to play. This is what Pia Nilson and Lynn Marriot aptly refer to as the “think box”. Once the decision has been made, they can step into the “play box” and become an athlete executing a very athletic motion. In fact, one thing that struck me as I watched the best players in the world hit shots is that most do not take much time over the ball at all. The deliberation happens in the think box and the playing happens in the play box. The two go hand in hand. If the process of the think box is not sound, then there may be a greater tendency to hesitate and take more time over the ball.

Hopefully you got a chance to watch the PGA Championship over the weekend. If you travel to professional or highly competitive amateur events this season, take note of each player’s cadence and routine to hit a golf shot, and perhaps you will find one that you would like to emulate. Then, put the time in on the practice tee to nail down your routine. This can reap great rewards with greater ability to get out of your own way and swing the club.

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