When trying to get on a college coach’s radar screen, we recommend that you utilize all available mediums of contact (e-mail, phone call, handwritten note through mail, Junior Golf Hub Profile). Why? It demonstrates initiative, courage, professionalism, and increases your chances of getting a coach’s attention. Using only one of the mediums in isolation can be less effective as a coach may easily glide by an e-mail and you are limited in the amount of information you can share with a phone call. However, when used in conjunction, and with the added special touch of a handwritten note, you are giving yourself the maximum possibility of getting on a coach’s radar screen.

For example, The Hub recently spoke with a coach at a perennial D-II powerhouse program and they shared an interesting story with us! The coach had received one (yes, one) handwritten letter from a prospect in their last 10 years of coaching! Naturally, we were curious and asked “did you recruit that player, Coach?” to which they replied, “of course, I did!”

So, as you get ready to update your favorite programs or reach out to a coach for the first time, here are a few Hub rules as it relates to college golf coach communication:

1. Keep it Short and Sweet

  • A coach is more likely to read your note, return your call if it is brief and to the point

*(keep NCAA rules in mind)

2. Do your research

  • Make sure you have done your research before sending the e-mail, making a call, or writing a letter. Make sure you understand all the pertinent details of the golf program, team scoring averages, team ranking, season highlights and more
    • Every college golf program has a Profile on Junior Golf Hub – your research starts here

3. Personalize

  • Mention why the specific school interests you so much
  • You can also wish the team luck on their upcoming tournaments or compliment the coach on their team’s most recent finish

4. Say ‘Thank You’:

  • Always be generous. Thank the coach for their time and be genuine


The Hub’s Essential Guide to college golf recruiting contains a coach-approved email template, questions for phone conversations with coaches and much more juicy advice surrounding coach communication. We make tackling the coach communication obstacle a breeze!


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