Do you have dreams to play college golf?  Want to find an athletic scholarship?

When it comes to coach communication, here at The Hub we say “start early” and “be proactive”. NCAA Division I coaches can e-mail you starting September 1st of your junior year and they can’t call until July. Division III coaches can e-mail or call at any time as they are not limited by the DI / DII clearinghouse rules (same thing with NAIA). Another option for is showcasing your game at a camp or a combine. This is a good place to put your game in front of a specific set of coaches, but it is a very targeted position that may not lead to being recruited. In years past, most coaches find out about a potential college athlete when the athlete contacts them directly. Fast forward to 2016! Enter the Junior Golf Hub! Coaches can discover a potential recruit through the Hub and follow a young golfers career from very early on. Through creating your Hub profile bridie level or above, they can establish an understanding of who you are and how your golf development is progressing heading towards freshman year of college.

When is the best time to start contact coaches? Here at the Hub, we know the answer is always sooner than later. It is best to contact a coach as soon as you have identified their school and program as a place you would like to go to college or explore the opportunity of playing for that team. The sooner you contact them, the longer they can track your progress.

The Junior Golf Hub is the best way to contact college golf coaches! The Hub is designed to bring the entire recruiting process to one place. Do not worry about sending the prospective coach swing videos and constant updates, all you need to do is keep your profile up to date and you can notify all of the coaches following you at once! One click of the update button is a lot easier than organizing 20 different emails! One of the biggest aspects of this process is being proactive!

90% of NCAA coaches say the recruiting process begins online and by having a Hub profile you significantly increase the chance of being discovered by a coach and getting recruited. After the original contact is made, we suggest following up multiple times with that coach with a personal note. A handwritten note or a call tells a coach that you are very interested in their program!

Enjoy the Journey!