Golf was invented long before the invention of motorized vehicles. For that reason, walking is an integral part of the sport—in the early days, it may have been the truest test of a golfer’s skill.

Find your rhythm

Finding your rhythm is a key ingredient in playing good golf, and walking is the best way to discover it. With the right pace between shots, players find they have the time to go through a consistent routine and increase the chances of executing more good golf shots.

Develop a brisk walking pace

Part of your rhythm is a good, brisk walking pace. The right pace supports the many psychological aspects of golfing. It keeps you in a positive mind set and also clears your head as a breather from obsessing over the details. Over time, walking offers health benefits going beyond just those related to your golf game. It will serve you well in the coming years.

So instead of using the EZ-Go, carry your golf bag—or take a caddy or pull cart. Walking gets back to the roots of the game and will improve not just your performance but your enjoyment of the sport.

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