A message from Junior Golf Hub’s Friend, Jim Kelson:

I realize how difficult it can be starting off your search for a university and golf program.  There can be hundreds to choose from.  However, by asking yourselves these eight basic questions, you will effectively take a large pool of schools and narrow them down a select few.

1. Finances

How much money can you afford per year to send your son/daughter off to school?  If scholarships are a primary concern, that is fine.  Simply calculate the percentage a scholarship you will need and go from there.  For most people, their college searches may one focused on in-state schools.

2. Major

Does the school offer the major you are looking for?  Most junior golfers have a pretty good idea of their intended major in college.  I would suggest to only consider those schools that offer the exact major you are seeking.

3. Public or Private University

Does it matter to you whether the college or university is public or private?

4. Large or small

What size university or college would you be interested in attending?

5. Geography

How far away from home will I be willing to travel to go to a school?

6. Social Aspects

Every school is different in this regard.  The main questions to ask yourself is “Do I like the people, the surroundings, and the overall feel of the campus?”

7. Academic Support

What types of programs does the school have in place to assist with academic development?

8. Competitiveness

How competitive are you versus the programs that you are looking at?  The Hub can help you determine the scores you’ll need to be shooting to let you know if you have an athletic fit with a school.

I advise junior golfers and parents to get a list of five to six schools they are interested in attending as a starting place for their search.

Good luck and let me know if I can be of any assistance.


Jim Kelson is a former college golf coach at the University of Tennessee (20 years)  and Augusta State (6 years) as well as a former standout amateur and collegiate golfer. Coach Kelson runs College Golf Consulting 101, a business to mentor families of junior golfers throughout the world on their junior golf development as well as guiding families through the NCAA recruiting process.

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