Junior Golf Hub is a young company started in 2016 and founded by Roger Knick. We are affiliated with Golf Performance Center, an elite junior golf academy located in Ridgefield, CT. We were founded to solve common industry problems that Roger noticed after 20 years of working with junior golfers, parents and coaches.

Common questions included:

Junior Golfers: “What’s the roadmap to college golf? How do I get there? How do I get noticed? What tournaments do I play in?

Parents: “How can I help my son or daughter? What’s the developmental roadmap?”

College Coaches: “How do I find a great fit for my program? Is there a way to filter through kids who want to contact me? What factors are predictive of future growth?”

Junior Golf Hub was created to answer these questions. We are building a 21st century online community connecting junior golfers, parents and college coaches. We just got started, but have made great progress to date! Our product will have two core modules: College Link and Education/Development. The College Link is a social platform where junior golfers and college coaches can connect, follow each other, and share information online. In addition, our Education/Development section will cover materials on the roadmap to college golf and the basics of long-term athletic development.

We look forward to keeping you updated on our journey as our product continues to develop and mature. In the meantime, if you are in Ridgefield, CT pop by the Junior Golf Hub offices to learn more!

Enjoy the Journey!

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