Players and golfing fans have heard PGA/LPGA Tour players talk about their “go-to shots.”

Go-to shots are your safest bets. They play to your strengths, working around your limitations in favor of shots with higher probabilities of getting in play.

The fade shot

Over 95% of all golfers hit a “fade” or “cut” shot to make up for limitations like low rotation or an early extension with the hips, for example. In a fade, the angle the club makes in moving back to the ball (out to in) makes it easier to hit.

Learn your limitations

The fade shot is just one example of a go-to shot. For you, finding a shot that fits your unique limitations is the best way to go.

When to use a go-to shot

Use your go-to shot based on the situation. A great time to rely on your go-to shot might be in a club championship hunt when you need to get the ball in play, but your nerves are firing.

Times when you’re struggling to get the ball in play are also perfect for this reliable tactic.

Developing your go-to shot

Play to your normal tendency:

  1. If your tendency is toward a fade line up on the right side of tee box, aim down the left hand side of fairway and let it go.
  2. If it’s a “draw” or “hook,” line up on the left side of tee box and aim down the right side of the fairway.
  3. Use a shorter club if that makes you feel more comfortable, or your favorite club!
  4. Ball position should stay center or slightly forward of center. If this is uncomfortable, play normal ball position.

Finish balanced and your chances of getting the golf ball in play will increase 100%.

If you already know your physical limitations, use them to develop the right go-to shot for you. If you don’t, work with a golf coach to discover them and then identify the right shot.

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