Improvement is a dangerous word in golf. We often measure improvement with scores and stats, and are anxious and discouraged when they don’t seem to change. Improvement in your golf game comes from looking at the 1) the psychology and 2) the process of improvement.

Change your thinking about improvement: 4 rules

To improve your golf game, first look at the attitude you’re approaching it with. Your psychology is the basis of everything, driving not just your mindset but even the way you approach physical training.

Rule 1: To truly improve, you must get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Rule 2: If your focus is on the result then you’re not focusing on the right thing.

Rule 3: Improvement is a slow process of doing little things extremely well.

Rule 4: Remember that improvement is not random; it’s a planned event.

Golf is a never ending journey of improvement taking place on an ever changing surface—course conditions, competition, weather and more. We never take the same shot twice. Every time we play a new shot we improve, because we’re stepping outside of our comfort zone. Remember, if you don’t feel a little uncomfortable, it’s less likely that you’re improving.

Correcting specific problems in your golf game: 4 steps

When we’re driven by frustration we tend to attack our problems aggressively, without a plan. Here’s a better way of approaching the obstacles to success in your golf game.

Step 1: Outline the problem.

Step 2: Create a plan to fix the problem.

Step 3: Work at this process to fix the problem.

Step 4: Repeat the process.

Improvement is a process of repeating the same things, and it happens both quickly and slowly. As the old saying goes, improvement will find you when you are ready to work for it! Do this and you will begin seeing the markers of real improvement.