Take control of your 2024 goals with our Junior Golf Goals Template! Our blank template is available below for download. Simply fill in the squares and cross out each goal as you complete it!

Download Here: 2024 Junior Golf Goals Template

Having trouble thinking of some potential goals? Here are some examples that may be of interest to you:

  • Play a bucket list course
  • Play 36 holes in one day
  • Break par
  • Win a tournament
  • Take a golf trip
  • Research colleges with golf teams/programs
  • Create a Junior Golf Hub profile
  • Update or fill in your JGH profile
  • Get a hole in one
  • Play a worst ball round
  • Review the College Checklist provided by the Hub
  • Lower scoring average
  • Sign a NLI
  • Qualify for a USGA event
  • Increase swing speed
  • Improve mental game
  • Do a PDI assessment
  • Attend a major golf event
  • Play a round in a new state or country
  • Get a physical evaluation
  • Make a birdie
  • Invest in new gear
  • Place in the Top 10 at a golf tournament
  • Play a round with a family member or friend
  • Try out a golf simulator
  • Eat healthier or maintain a healthy diet

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