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It’s free and easy to use. Identify Junior Golfers from different grad years, geographic regions, and academic criteria. Track their progress through junior golf tournaments all over the country.

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Junior Golf Hub College Golf Coach Smart Filters

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JGH Smart Filters

Use the JGH search filters to identify your next prospective student athlete.

Filter by:

  • Scoring Average
  • Grad Year
  • GPA
  • Geographic Location
  • Standardized Test Scores
  • Rankings and more

Set your search criteria to receive notifications when a new athlete that joins The Hub and meets your minimum criteria

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College Program

Profile Customization

Market your program to over 10,000 junior golfers with your fully-customizable program profile! It’s easy to set up and integrates seamlessly with your website, creating a one stop shop that gives prospective student athletes a thorough look into your program.

Easily add:

  • Practice facilities
  • Schedules
  • 1st and 5th player scoring average plus much more!

Provide information that you would otherwise point out in a face-to-face meeting

  • Showcase you home course, practice facilities, coaches and other program features with photos and brief descriptions
  • Post your “Athlete Questionnaire” on your profile
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Convenient Prospective

Student Athlete Tracking

Track prospective student athlete’s you are following with our “Athlete Tracker” in one spot on your account. Once you follow an athlete, the athlete is notified and you will be notified about any changes they make on their profile both via text and in a weekly, itemized emailed report.

Notifications for changes to athlete profiles include:

  • New VERIFIED tournament results uploaded
  • The athlete registers for a tournament
  • Posts a change to personal information, etc.
The Player Development Index (PDI)

Player Development Index

Find Out Which Recruits Are Ready To Compete At The Next Level!

The Player Development Index (PDI) is an objective assessment of key technical and athletic skills which impact overall golfer development. Junior Golf Hub has developed this assessment system to help golfers identify, track and showcase their current stage of development. The PDI provides the golfer and their coaches with data to drive goal setting and practice planning. College coaches can use the PDI as an additional tool in the recruiting process to piece together a more complete picture of the golfer’s skill. The PDI can be integrated into a college program’s assessment and practice schedule. This allows the athletes to continue to use the same system to monitor their progress and development.

The Three Stages Of The Player Development Index

The 3 PDI Assessments

When calculated, the Player Development Index is established out of 100. Through 20+ years of development, we have determined that a player scoring a 70 or above has what it takes to play golf in college at some level.