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"I have used Junior Golf Hub over the past few years during my golf recruiting. It was very easy to set up, and to continually update with my golf information and to attain my goal of being a D-1 Collegiate golfer. This website was used to keep updating my Golf Tournament scores, rankings, academic updates, scoring average, etc. I would regularly send my Junior Golf Hub link to coaches via email along with my Golf Resume and Website Link. It was a great resource for coaches to confirm my golf performance history. I do believe that Junior Golf Hub helped me connect with several different D-1 golf coaches, which gave me several opportunities, one of which I accepted an offer to play D-1 College Golf with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln."

Tristan Nelko University of Nebraska-Lincoln

"Junior Golf Hub was a great help for me during the recruiting process. I wanted to make sure my profile was complete with videos, tournament results, and a little about myself. The college process was a lot smoother because coaches were able to look at my profile and understand the type of player and person I am. I also liked how you can look up any college and it will provide tournament results, coach name, player's name, and information any rising freshman should know. I recommend JGH to anyone trying to play golf in college."

Patrick Ryan Fairfield University

"In my experience, however, with the various recruiting sites I have been involved in, I feel your product is best suited and far superior to other options such as NCSA, BeRecruited, etc.. I definitely think it's moving in the right direction and have referred others at earlier stages of recruiting to the site.

Thank you for your email and giving junior golf a special place to make potentially life-changing decisions!"

Morgan Pankow University of Miami

"Because of Junior Golf Hub, I was able to connect with coaches and schools across the country by creating my account which helped me learn how to go through the recruitment process. I didn't know how to reach out to coaches before I came across the website at a tournament and because of the knowledge that I gained from the website, I was able to sign with my dream school, Florida Atlantic University and am really excited to start playing golf at the Divison 1 level this fall. I have nothing but good things to say about Junior Golf Hub and I am really thankful for my experience with the website."

Makenna Brown Florida Atlantic University

"Unless your son or daughter is a golfing prodigy and already on college coaches' lists at the age of 12, then the 99% of all other golfers must be organized and prepared to sell themselves to a college coach. I highly encourage you to use Junior Golf Hub as a means of organizing all of your tournament results, giving vital and not always so vital, information about yourself and your goals, and including videos of your golf swing. It is extremely easy to set up your profile online, and if you parents have trouble, your child will be able to help you. It is even easier to edit and update with new tournament results or other information. So instead of keeping a bunch of scorecards lying around, get organized by inputting the information on Junior Golf Hub. Then comes the best part: When it comes time to start contacting college coaches, you can simply send them the link to your profile, and the coach can get to know your player both as a person and as a golfer. You will also have access to the contact information of every college coach in America and you can see their website and vital statistics about their program to see if your child may fit into that program. Warning: If your child is in that 99% of junior golfers not being highly recruited, then this process can be very frustrating. Junior Golf Hub does help relieve some of the frustration because it makes it easy to sell yourself. If you send it, the college coaches will look at it. Some will respond, some will not. But at least you can say you put yourself out there and hopefully your golfer will get that chance to continue playing the greatest game in the world.

- Keith Mikeska

Mason Mikeska McLennan Community College

"My name is Rin Richardson and I am fortunate enough to have joined Junior Golf Hub last fall. After being unsure of where I wanted to attend school, I looked to Junior Golf Hub to help me find the best place for me to spend my next four years! The ability for coaches to be able to follow my updates on the website when I added new scores is one of my favorite features along with personable experience the website provides. I am truly grateful for Junior Golf Hub and am excited to play golf this fall at Shorter University!"

Rin Richardson Shorter University

"Junior Golf Hub was a great tool during my recruiting process. I mostly used it to research golf programs and schools and to contact coaches. It was very helpful to have a central location to look for information on programs of all levels. I could research the schools themselves as well as the golf programs, and I could get the contact information for the coaches so that I could email them. JGH helped me to find golf and academic matches. Because it is specific to golf, I found a lot more relevant information there than I did at other recruiting websites. I also used the website as a way to share my stats and resume with coaches so that they could contact me. JGH made the process a lot easier and less time consuming."

John Patrick Miller George Mason University

"I believe that Junior Golf Hub inspired me to start my search throughout the colleges in the United States. I think that this platform helps you to reach out with the coaches so that they can get to know you in the different aspects that surround your life."

Maria Jose Nava Morningside College

"JGH helped my son Joshua in the process of looking at schools very much. All of that information is easily accessible on one website from scores to videos to pictures, etc. It was very easy to have coaches refer to the site when looking at him."

Two thumbs up!

- Chris Marshall

Josh Marshall SUNY Canton

"JGH has helped me immensely, with providing insider information on golf teams of colleges around the nation. I was able to connect with many schools through the Junior Golf Hub and was able to keep track of my tournament results very easily too. It is an easy website to navigate and it helped me choose the school that was the right fit according to my golf skill and academic level."

Charlotte NYU

"I use Junior Golf Hub to really get a grasp on the best golf schools in the area. And Oswego State's golf team is one of the top SUNY golf schools in NYS. And I'm proud to be called a Laker and have a chance to play college golf. All thanks to Junior Golf Hub."

Caleb Davies Oswego State University

"I do believe that your service is probably as beneficial if not more than NCSA and will recommend the younger parents to look into it."

- Mark Gorman

Mark Gorman Wingate University

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