Get the Most Out of Your Junior Golf Hub Membership on Your Player Development Journey

Learn how to use Junior Golf Hub as your development tool!

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Hosted By:

Rick Dowling

2x CSGA Amateur Champion, Former Fairfield University Coach and Player, Junior Golf Hub’s Director of Customer Success

Rob Cherry

Director of Competitions with the SNEDS Tour

Carter Stroup

SNEDS Tour Member. President of Render Results. Avid user of Junior Golf Hub

Assess Your Game & Develop Into a College Bound Player

SNEDS Tour and Junior Golf Hub are excited to host an interactive webinar to kick off our tournament season!

Our goal for the webinar is to set the stage as we head into tournament season. We know you have many questions like:


How good am I right now?
How do I get better? Where do I start?
What tournaments do I play in?
What are the goals I have for my golf game?
Is college golf an option?

We’d like to address these common questions and others you may have with our partner, Junior Golf Hub, to arm you with helpful education and tools for this season and seasons to come. Ultimately we hope to leave you with peace of mind and with an approach/game plan you can trust.

Assess Your Game & Develop Into a College Bound Player!
New date coming soon