WYNK about the NLI
Many of you have heard about the famous ‘National Letter of Intent’ (NLI) and want to know more. Here is the Hub Essentials on what you need to know about the famous NLI:

What is the National Letter of Intent?
At its heart, the National Letter of Intent (NLI) is simply an agreement that specifies a prospective student athlete will attend a given college for one year and the college has agreed to provide an athletic scholarship for one academic year

NLI applies to participating programs in NCAA D-I and D-II

Most D-I and D-II programs offer the National Letter of Intent with some exceptions, most notably the Ivy League schools. NAIA schools or Junior Colleges follow separate practices and procedures as they are unaffiliated with the NCAA.

Do I have to sign a National Letter of Intent?
No. The National Letter of Intent is a voluntary agreement not a mandated one.

What happens if I don’t sign a Letter of Intent?
Many prospective student athletes don’t sign the letter of intent for a variety of reasons including not being offered a scholarship or missing the signing window. If this is you, don’t worry. Some programs afford offer letters outside of the National of Intent, others will just accept verbal commitments and very often it’s a matter of team or coach preference. Check with your coach on the recommended path forward if you are not signing the NLI.

How can I let coaches know I have signed an NLI on my Hub profile?
If you sign a NLI with a school make sure you show it off on your Junior Golf Hub Profile! Schools will cease recruiting you, and this will alert the JGH staff of your success in getting recruited! Make sure to change this under ‘Athlete Information’ at the bottom of the page: under the section titled ‘College Status’ and mark ‘Signed’ and include the name of the College you signed to under ‘College Name’

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