Here’s WYNK (What you need to know) to be prepared for Summer Golf

1. Create a Winning Tournament Schedule

  • Find TournamentsUse The Hub’s Tournament Finder! Find a centralized list of thousands of junior golf tournaments in one place. Filter and sort by ranked events, tour name and more to make scheduling a breeze.

    The AJGA’s PBE Map is included in The Hub’s Tournament Finder to help find events eligible for Performance-Based Entry and to see how many Performance Stars are at stake.

    At this point you’re probably wondering What are the right tournaments for me?

  • Post Your Playing CalendarAdd your junior golf events to your Hub Calendar and click the star to make them public and viewable by college coaches on your Hub Profile. This makes it very easy to keep track of your schedule and inform coaches where you’ll be playing.
  • Post ResultsThe Hub will add Verified Scores to your Profile after you compete.

    Which tournaments do The Hub verify?

2. Perform College & College Golf Research

  • Understand the scores it takes to play college golf.Take a read through an overview of the College Golf Landscape
  • More specifically, what it takes to play golf at the list of your target schools and golf programs. Find out how your favorite college programs are doing in the 2018-19 season
  • Be realisticIt’s important to be honest with your skill level. If you are a male senior in high school and have difficulty breaking 80 it may not be worth your time to call the top programs in the country and look for a spot on the team. And that’s OK! Take a realistic appraisal of your skill level and use the scoring filters in our Advanced College Search to find programs that match your ability. There are a lot of opportunities out there!
  • Make your list of Favorite College ProgramsDo you know how many college golf programs are out there? There’s nearly 1250 Men’s Golf Teams and nearly 950 Women’s Teams. WOW!!

    8 Tips to help you narrow down the list!

3. Stay Current with your Favorite College Programs

  • Use The Hub’s College Database to get up-to-date information on your favorite programs.Why check out those programs on The Hub? We suggest getting in the habit of checking for the latest information on your favorite programs which will give you vital pieces of information and talking points you can use in email conversations or during potential face-to-face meetings with coaches. Stay up-to-date on the latest program news and results – The Hub puts all the important school and golf program links in one place for you!

    The College Database is a comprehensive resource containing WYNK on every college golf program in the United States. Each College Golf Program has a Profile featuring academic, contact and golf team scoring information. Our College Database is a Premium (fast track to Premium) feature.

4. Update Coaches

  • Stay in touch by providing friendly updates on your gameCoaches are busy now, but will enter “recruiting mode” soon

    The Spring season is generally regarded as the more important of the two seasons as it contains the conference tournament (the most important tournament of the year) and can lead to a NCAA tourney bid.

    Here’s our Hub rule of thumb for when to reach out to coaches in the late-Spring, early-Summer window: If you’re reaching out to a top program (one participating in NCAA Regionals and beyond), wait until the first week of June. And for those programs that don’t continue play past their conference championships, we suggest you reach out starting the second week of May.

    At that point, college coaches will enter recruiting mode, tracking prospects closely and hitting the road to see some live action.

    For tips on how to communicate with coaches and a coach-approved email template for reach out, go to The Hub’s Essential Guide for more

  • Check in with your top programs’ coaches and share your tournament scheduleHow to share your tournament calendar with college coaches:

    Add your junior golf events to your Hub Calendar and click the star to make them public and viewable by college coaches on your Hub Profile. This makes it very easy to inform coaches where you’ll be playing.

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