Player Development System (PDS)

How do you know if your game is ready for college golf?

It’s simple: Measure.

“That which can be measured, can be improved”

The PDS is a science-based evaluation of a player’s physical, mental and golf skills and gathers all the hard data needed to determine whether an athlete is ready to progress to the next level. The PDS takes a deep, objective look at key skill areas including putting, chipping, bunker play, shot making, mental proficiency and physical skills, and precisely identifies areas that need improvement.

Hard data only, no guess work!

The PDS relies heavily on an assessment of physical proficiency and a guiding philosophy that “Function Dictates Form,” which means that how the body functions will determine the form of your golf swing. With over 20 years of experience working with some of the best athletes in the world, we have discovered the link that makes the elite be elite. Understanding this method can unlock the code to better golf form leading to peak performance.

HJGT 2019 Availability

Sept. 28-29
Maryland Fall Junior Open
Laytonsville Golf Club

Oct. 19-20
Connecticut Season Finale
Hop Meadow Country Club

Nov. 2-3
North Jersey Fall Junior Open
The Architects Golf Club

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