COVID-19: What we’re doing.

Junior Golf Hub has been closely following the COVID-19 virus situation. We want to reassure you that we are continuing to serve your needs during this difficult time.

For the protection of our employees, we have implemented work from home initiatives. These initiatives allow our employees to continue to perform their important functions without venturing into our office. Associates operating remotely can continue to be reached by email and phone. For the small number of team members whose work requires physical presence in our office, we are taking additional steps to help protect their well-being. Our goal is to make this change as transparent as possible to you.

A number of jurisdictions throughout the country have halted non-essential business functions that have impacted certain business activities. The number of jurisdictions implementing such actions is changing rapidly. As a result, you may encounter cancellation or postponement of tournaments. During this time, we are planning to bolster our platform on the “Hit The Links” tab to include videos and articles that you can use at home. Log in to your Junior Golf Hub account for helpful links and additional information.

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