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Coach Notifications

Get notified the moment an athlete follows your program and when your ‘followed’ recruit makes an update to their profile. Weekly detailed reports on changes help track progress of potential recruits.

Get The Full View of the Athlete

Get an in-depth view of potential prospects performance data including verified scores and rankings. As well as high school transcripts, testing scores, swing videos and extracurricular activities giving you a full view of who the athlete really is.

Exclusive player info with Player Development Index (PDI)

Get exclusive hard data on a recruit’s potential by reviewing their Player Development Index (PDI). The PDI is an athlete’s unique assessment of where their golf skills, physical performance. mental game and goals are in the moment. These assessments measure all the hard data needed to determine whether an athlete is ready to progress to the next level. The PDI was developed to help a coach delve deeper into a junior golfer’s strengths and weaknesses in terms of their golf skills, physical proficiencies and grit and growth mindsets. This will help a coach understand which player is on a good developmental track– ready to succeed at the next level.

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