Understanding Performance Based Entry

In our last post we covered the basics of the AJGA, including types of AJGA tournaments.  Get ready, because The Hub is about to dive deep into the belly of the beast itself: Performance Based Entry!

What is Performance Based Entry (PBE)?

Essentially PBE means you will have to earn your way into most AJGA tournaments. It won’t be given to you. PBE is a fact of AJGA life and like it or not we better learn to live with it.

‘Demand not that things happen as you wish, but wish them to happen as they do, and you will go on well.” –Epictetus

Ok, but how do I earn my way into an event?

Simply put, you will need to amass Performance Stars. Think of Performance Stars as currency to pay your way into AJGA events. The more Performance Stars you accumulate, the better the chance you have to get into an AJGA event. And like currency, you lose the stars after playing in an event meaning you’ll have to earn more again. Kind of like real life.  Earn money, spend money, earn money, spend money.


How to accumulate Performance Stars

There are four different ways to accumulate Performance Stars:

1. Sign up for the AJGA

Just by signing up for the AJGA you are guaranteed at least one Performance Star (technically this is called a Membership Star and has the benefit that you cannot lose it during the year). Sophomores and seniors get one additional (two total) and Juniors get two additional (three total).


2. Earn through solid play in Qualifiers

Note that you can also receive Stars by playing well in Qualifiers. There are Qualifiers both at Open events and Junior All-Star events. For example, here is the Performance Star count for Qualifiers in the 2018 schedule:


3. Play well in an AJGA event

The quickest way to earn a substantial amount of Performance Stars is to play well in an AJGA event. For example, the 2018 Callaway Junior awards the following Performance Stars based on finish:



Now that’s what we’re talking about!  Play great = load up on Performance Stars.


Keep in mind that the number of Performance Stars up for grabs differs by type of event. Junior Golf Hub Preview Series events have different counts than ACDS Junior All-Star events than Open events. To find out how many Performance Stars are associated with an event – check out the main page of the tournament and look at the PBE Status.



Best of all? Playing well in an AJGA event can move you closer to the holy grail of junior golf:  Fully Exempt status. This means you have first priority into AJGA events. Kind of like being exempt on the PGA Tour – not bad!  And the best news? Fully Exempt status lasts for your current season and the following season as well!


4. Play well in select non-AJGA events

The AJGA also allows you to earn Performance Stars by playing well in select non-AJGA events. Sounds great! But what events? The AJGA lists the events on its website under the PBE Map section.

The amount of Performance Stars that you can earn from non-AJGA events differs by the type of event.  For other junior tours (Hurricane Tour, IMG) it’s common for the champion of an event to be awarded 1 – 4 Performance Stars with additional Performance Stars given to top finishers (top 10%, or top 5). The formula is different for each event which is why it’s important to pore through the PBE map to understand events with a rich payoff if you play well.

Also, keep in mind that the AJGA will stockpile Performance Stars for you that have been earned in the last calendar year prior to you becoming a member. Not bad! These Stars are only available once you join the AJGA.


So, there you have it. Four main ways to earn AJGA Performance Stars.


One last note on PBE. Remember we mentioned above that you ’spend’ Performance Stars by playing in an event. In fact, you ‘spend’ four Performance Stars for playing in an Open event and one for an ACDS Junior All-Star event. No Performance Stars are spent for Preview Series and Senior events.


Enjoy your Journey!

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